Last major closing events of Bergamo and Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023

Bergamo and Brescia's nomination as Italian Capital of Culture for 2023 is drawing to a close.

Bergamo and Brescia’s nomination as Italian Capital of Culture for 2023 is drawing to a close. A year rich in cultural events ends with the inauguration, on October 1st at Bergamo’s Accademia Carrara, of the exhibition “Tutta in voi la luce mia”, dedicated to the composers and painters of the Italian nineteenth, and with the opening on October 14 in Brescia, of MITA, the new museum dedicated to the antique carpet.


MITA, International Museum of Antique Carpet, is located in a former foundry, renovated by the architecture firm OBR Open Building Research with the collaboration of Lombardini22. It is specially designed to conserve, protect and promote the heritage of the Tassara Foundation. Probably the world’s largest private collection of antique carpets, established in 2008 by collector Romain Zaleski and consisted of more than 1300 artifacts from Asia, Europe and Africa and dating from the 15th to the 19th century.


“My light is all in you. History Painting and Melodrama” is curated by Fernando Mazzocca and Maria Cristina Rodeschini in collaboration with Elena Lissoni, and designed by opera set designer Federica Parolini. The exhibition presents the protagonists of an era that made Italy famous in Europe and the world. Through a scenographic journey punctuated by 42 works, the recently renovated historical museum is transformed into a theatre thanks to a poetic dark-hued staging, the presence of video installations, music listening and the reconstruction of the façade of the Donizetti Theatre in Bergamo.

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MITA : Artribune, Exibart, Fondazione Tassara, OBR


Tutta in voi la luce mia. Pittura di Storia e Melodramma : Académie Carrara, Artribune, Bergamo Brescia Capitale Italiana della Cultura, Exibart