Professions & Expertises

We master all fields of scenography:

Architecture and Design
Stage Engineering
Audiovisual Engineering
Stage lighting

Our professional, museographic and scenographic experiences are diverse and complementary.
Our skills are applied for a program, a diagnosis, advice, expertise as well as a complete project management. We work with teams of architects and project managers, from the start to the completion of the project. Conceiving scenography, we focus very early on the design, the engineering and the regulatory and economic requirements.

Architecture and Design
The Curve
Museum Lalique
80th anniversary of the Gratte-Ciel district
Stage Engineering
Shandong Grand Theater
Fondation Louis Vuitton
Lafayettes Anticipations
Audiovisual Engineering, Multimedia and Stage Lighting
Control Room - Studio Hiba
Multimedia - Pôle d'Astronomie et de Culture Spaciale
Stage Lighting - Métaphone