The National Museum of Cinema of Turin opens a permanent area dedicated to video games

Video Game Zone, a permanent space entirely dedicated to video games was inaugurated on July 2nd at the museum.

Photo: Agence Confino-Alphabet

The cinema arrived in Italy through Turin: in fact, the first Italian shooting and the first screening in Italian took place in Turin in 1953. The National Cinema Museum of Turin, whose scenography was designed by François Confino in 2000, was established inside the Mole Antonelliana, monument symbol of the city, to celebrate this event.
The museum, which includes an exceptional collection and a staging of cinema, inaugurated on July 2 Video Game Zone, a permanent space entirely dedicated to video games. The exhibition immerses the public in the world of video games, through a central projection of films and series inspired by the gaming culture. Four audio-visual stations present trailers, developer diaries and archive footage, tracing the evolution of video game production techniques, from rotoscope to motion capture.
Display cases expose conceptual drawings, notes and sketches, as well as pre-production elements and props from the different narrative universes of video games. In addition, the National Cinema Museum has launched a campaign to acquire rare video game production and design documents highlighting the similarities with cinematographic creation.


Learn more : Museo Nazionale del Cinema of Turin, Confino-Alphabet agency, Artribune


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