In the archives : The Curve

10 Years ago was opened The Curve, a 11,000m² theater in Leicester, England

The sharing and the association of spaces are the concepts developed in the organization of this theater that includes two rooms of various typologies and capacities: a stage arranged between both venue can be associated with each of them without preventing the autonomy of functioning. This architectural arrangement offers to the artists a large diversity of organization of the scenic spaces and a big variety of reports between the stage and the spaces of the public.
To amplify the efficiency of this system and to answer a request of opening this place on the City, the large glazed facade lets see all the workspaces from the street. The positioning at the same level as the outside public place of the stage and the technical and auxiliary spaces facilitates the access to the theater. A single horizontal plan unifies the accesses, the home of the public, the cafeteria, the stages and some workshops.